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The Ice Cream Stop

Increase the visibility of your business.

Utilize the existing customer base of The Ice Cream Stop to expand the reach of your business's advertising.


With our ad train, you can show your name and logo to customers for 55 hours a week!

Learn more about the ad train.

When our customers come into The Ice Cream Shop, their eyes are drawn to the walls of pictures, and eventually upward to the O-scale, three-rail train that winds on invisible tracks suspended from the store's ceiling.


Each car has ad space for your business's name or logo. The train, which children and parents alike love to watch while they eat their ice cream, draws attention to your business, increasing brand recognition.

Use our existing customers and marketing

Best of all, because your ad is located in our store, you don't have to worry about your own advertising efforts. You can rely on our efforts to market your business, and our existing foot traffic ensures that your advertisement reaches a wide array of potential consumers.

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