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The Ice Cream Stop

Enjoy a smooth and silky malt or milkshake.

Whether you like milkshakes that are smooth and drinkable, or so thick they need a spoon, you'll find the perfect concoction for a nagging sweet tooth at The Ice Cream Stop.


Add a flavor kick to your shake by turning it into a malt. Or, if you want something a bit fizzy, pick a root beer or coke float.

Build a specialty sundae.

There aren't many things better than blanketing your ice cream in the melted velvet of hot fudge, except maybe adding brownie chunks on top after that.


Turn your ice cream into something truly special by building your own sundae. Add hot fudge, brownies, or any of our toppings.


It is important to get enough fruit in your diet, so build a strawberry sundae or a banana split. It's a lot easier to eat your fruit when it's piled high with ice cream.

Sensible smoothies

If you want to indulge without going overboard, consider a smoothie. Choose between Berry Blast, Strawbana, or Fruitie Tootie.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Combine cookies and ice cream into one perfect dessert with an ice cream sandwich. Use peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, or chocolate chip.

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