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Do you want dessert and a little peace and quiet too?

Every parent needs a break sometimes. Let your children enjoy the padded play area with full chalkboard walls, at The Ice Cream Stop.


You deserve to enjoy your ice cream treat without worrying about anyone's sticky fingers

but your own.

Your kids will stay entertained with our Wii system.

As a parent, you know it's hard to keep a child's attention fixed for more than a few moments.


Luckily, our Wii system and pull-down screen will make sure your well-deserved break isn't cut short by microscopic attention spans. Plus, if you want to get a little active after enjoying your ice cream, Wii Bowling makes a great activity for the whole family.


Regardless of whether you want to jump in, our play room is sure to keep children occupied until you finish your ice cream.

Get more entertainment with our special events.

For more information about the events we offer, take a minute to explore our Parties & Events page.

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