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Cap off your party or event with an ice cream pie.

Don't fret over baking enough dessert to feed all your guests. Keep things simple, and still delicious, with an ice cream pie from The Ice Cream Stop.


Choose from a host of flavors, including Calypso, Turtle, and Banana Pudding Cream.

Wow special guests with custom ice cream cakes.

Make sure your guest of honor knows how important the occasion is to you, whether it's a birthday, graduation, or retirement party, with custom cakes decorated according to your specifications.


Choose the right size based on your expected guests. Get a 6-inch cake to serve 6 to 10 guests, or an 8-inch cake that can serve up to 24 people.


If you need a location, or some help planning your event--especially your desserts--be sure to explore our Parties & Events page.

Mark any occasion

Ensure your guests feel important, without sequestering yourself in the kitchen, with custom cakes and pies.

Just choose your flavor

Whatever your favorite flavor is from among our Ice Cream, turn it into a magnificent, customized cake for your party or event.

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